Collection Themes


In building our collection we try to paint a comprehensive picture of industrial work in Nova Scotia and its impact on our people over time. We collect a wide range of artifacts to cover as many angles as possible.

We acquire products of Nova Scotia industry and the tools used to make them. We also try to capture the social dimension of industrial life as new technologies and new ways of working change our lives.

Themes and topics represented in our collection include: products of NS industry, tools and machinery, the age of steam, technology and everyday life, industry in art, work clothes, railways, labour unions, the impact of industry on the environment, and women’s changing role. To see a bit more about these artifacts, click on the themes.





Products of NS Industry



Tools and Machinery



Age of Steam

tech sm


Technology & Everyday Life



Industry & Society



Work Clothes






Labour Union Memorabilia



Impact on the Environment



Women’s Changing Role



Service Industries and Tourism