First Peoples

The Mi’kmaq, the First Peoples of Nova Scotia, are important contributors to the historical and cultural identity of the province. The First Peoples Resource Box helps students understand the traditions, technology and lifestyle of the Mi’kmaq, and their unique relationship with the environment. The box contains hand-on samples such as birchbark, sweet grass, porcupine quills, stone tools, and eel skin, as well as books, posters and tracings of Mi’kmaq petroglyphs.

First Peoples: Curriculum Links

Grade 2 Social Studies – Change: Technology, Environment

  • Demonstrate an understanding that people have changed technology over time to meet their needs, wants and interests
  • Describe how peoples’ interactions with their environment have changed over time, including those of Aboriginal peoples

Grade 3 Social Studies – Provincial Identity: Peoples, Heritage

  • Recognize that people living in their province have diverse cultural backgrounds and contribute to the cultural diversity of their province
  • Recognize that all cultural groups within their province value ideas, actions, and beliefs
  • Demonstrate an understanding that many individuals, groups, and events have contributed to the development of their provincial identity throughout its history

Grade 5 Social Studies – Societies: Early Aboriginal Peoples, North America

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the diverse lifestyles of early Aboriginal peoples in what is now Canada
  • Explain the role of tradition in early Aboriginal societies


First Peoples Box