Geology: Rocks, Minerals, Landscapes

Explore the world underneath our feet with the Geology Resource Box. The box contains 40 samples of rocks and minerals found in Nova Scotia. Mineral testing supplies allow students to identify, compare and classify rocks and minerals according to their properties. Booklets, maps and posters provide further support to students learning. Students can also make connections between the geology of our province, and the communities and businesses that depend on mineral resources such as gold, coal, salt and gypsum.

Geology: Rocks, Minerals, Landscapes: Curriculum Links

Grade 4 Science – Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion

  • Investigate rocks and minerals and record questions and observations
  • Classify rocks and minerals by creating a chart or diagram that illustrates the classification scheme and compare results with others
  • Identify and describe rocks that contain records of Earth’s history
  • Relate characteristics of rocks and minerals to their uses
  • Describe ways in which soil is formed from rocks and demonstrate and describe the effects of wind, water and ice on the landscape

Grade 7 Science - Rocks and Minerals, The Rock Cycle

  • Classify minerals on the basis of their physical characteristics by using a dichotomous key
  • Describe the composition of the earth’s crust some of the technologies which have allowed scientists to study geological features in and on the Earth’s crust
  • Classify rocks on the basis of their characteristics and method of formation


Geology Box