Geology: Rocks, Minerals, Landscapes

Explore the world underneath our feet with the Geology Resource Box. The box contains 40 samples of rocks and minerals found in Nova Scotia. Mineral testing supplies allow students to identify, compare and classify rocks and minerals according to their properties. Booklets, maps and posters provide further support to students learning. Students can also make connections between the geology of our province, and the communities and businesses that depend on mineral resources such as gold, coal, salt and gypsum.

Grade 4 Science Curriculum Outcome Links

Outcome 7: Students will explore the characteristics of rocks, minerals and fossils.

Outcome 8: Students will explore how the Earth’s surface changes over time.

  • Skills: Use tools to collect information; classify collections; examine; investigate; explore
  • Concepts: Rocks are made up of minerals; minerals have unique properties; rocks can be classified by how they are formed; characteristics of rocks and minerals and their uses; comparing characteristics of rocks


Geology Box