Grade 3 Shapes and Structures


In this virtual, pre-recorded program, students think like engineers to discover how shapes and materials work together to build structures. From the basic shapes of triangle, square and cylinder, students are challenged to build progressively larger structures, solving problems as they go.

Curriculum Outcomes Links

Grade 3 Science:

  • Learners will construct a structure in response to a design challenge.
  • Investigate shapes in structures
  • Evaluate potential materials for use in construction
  • Investigate ways materials are joined in construction
  • Evaluate the structure according to design challenge criteria

Grade 3 Math:

  • Students will be expected to describe 3-D objects according to the shape of the faces and the number of edges and vertices.
  • Students will be expected to name, describe, compare, create, sort regular and irregular polygons, including triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons according to the number of sides.

Program Length

Video: 26 minutes

Program activities and challenges: 2 – 2.5 hours


1 class (30 students)


No Charge

Video Program Outline

Time Segment
00:00       Introduction
02:27  Building Connectors
04:02  Activity 1: Build Squares and Triangles
07:57 Activity 2: Build Cubes and Tetrahedrons
11:40 Challenge 1: Stronger Cubes
15:30 Challenge 2: Build Giant Tetras
21:44 Challenge 3: Build a Tower
23:54   Conclusion
26:07  End

Additional Resources

Teachers Notes: Shapes and Structures (193 PDF)


For further information, please contact Andrew Phillips at (902) 755-5425 or email