Are you open on weekends?
July 2020, open Daily, 10am to 4pm

How long does it take to go through the Museum?
Most visits last anywhere 1 to 3 hours. Some visitors stay all day!

Is your Museum wheelchair accessible? Is the Museum located all on one floor?
The Museum is fully accessible. Handicap parking spaces are available in front of the Museum to the left of the entrance (40 feet from the front door). The Museum is located all on one level (including ramps), with the exception of the “Coal and Grit” exhibit on the mezzanine level. This exhibit is accessible by the staircase or elevator.

Is the Museum suitable for families? For children? For young children?
Our Museum is very suitable for young and old alike. The many hands on and interactive displays will entertain and inform all ages. Children can feel the power of water, print a souvenir bookmark, work an assembly line, and play in our new foyer circus train!

Can I drop off my children at the Museum?
Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during their visit to the Museum.

Are pets allowed on Museum grounds / inside the Museum? Do you offer a place for pets to be boarded while owners are visiting the Museum?
Only service animals (ex. seeing eye dogs) are allowed inside the Museum. Visitors traveling with their furry friends can now make use of our secure dog kennel. Use of our kennel is FREE to museum visitors and on a first come, first served basis. Water bowl, waste bags and a lock are provided at Museum’s reception.

Can I get a stroller or wheelchair at the Museum of Industry?
Strollers and one wheelchair are available free of charge for visitors on a first-come-first-served basis at the Reception Desk. They cannot be reserved.

Do you have a restaurant or food service onsite?
The Museum does not have a restaurant or cafeteria. Many dining choices are available nearby.

I am interested in working for the Museum of Industry. To whom would I submit a resumé? Resumés of general inquiry should be submitted to the attention of the Director. The resumé should identify which department or area the person would like to work in. If it is a resumé submitted for a particular competition, please quote the competition number and address it to the appropriate personnel. Resumés can be mailed, faxed or dropped off at the Museum Reception Desk. If you are applying for a permanent civil service position, your application must be sent to Halifax to the address indicated on the job posting.

Do you have a Visitor Information Centre at your museum? Do you have provincial guides / maps?
There is no visitor information centre at the Museum of Industry. For the location of the nearest V.I.C., visit www.tourismpictoucounty.com. The Museum does have a selection of free provincial “Doers and Dreamers” travel guides and maps, as well as brochures for attractions and accommodations.

Do you have any information on where to stay / eat / what to visit in the Pictou County area?
For more information on accommodations, attractions and restaurants in Pictou County, please contact the Pictou County Tourist Association at (902) 752-6383, or visit www.tourismpictoucounty.com . You can also contact Nova Scotia’s Tourism’s toll-free information and reservation service at 1-800-565-0000, or visit www.novascotia.com.

Can I reproduce a Museum of Industry image? Where can I get information on rights and reproductions?
For more information on the reproduction of Museum of Industry images, please contact Erika Wilson, Curator of Collections at 902-928-3660, Erika.Wilson@novascotia.ca.


Can I park my motor home / recreational vehicle in the Museum of Industry’s parking lot? For how long?
The Museum is pleased to offer free parking to its visitors and clients during business hours. Our parking lots have has ample parking space for motor homes and recreational vehicles. The gates to the Museum site are closed at dusk, and as a result overnight parking or camping is not permitted.


How can I get a copy of a document / image / photograph you have on display?
Any requests for copies of documents should be directed to Erika Wilson, Curator of Collections at 902-928-3660, Erika.Wilson@novascotia.ca.

How can I make a donation to the Museum? How can I donate an artifact to the Museum?
 Donation requests should be directed to Erika Wilson, Curator of Collections, at (902) 928-3660.

Can I get information about a family heirloom without donating it to the Museum?
Depending on the item in question, the Museum may be able to provide some information or refer the owner to other institutions or specialists who may be able to help. For more information please contact Erika Wilson, Curator of Collections at 902-928-3660, Erika.Wilson@novascotia.ca.


What can the Museum provide to teachers?
The Museum of Industry offers curriculum-related fun for all school groups. All programs are related to the Atlantic Canada curriculum and involve a hands-on component. Self-directed and guided tours of the museum are also available year-round. For more information, please contact Andrew Phillips, Curator of Education and Public Programming, at (902) 755-5425 or Andrew.K.Phillips@novascotia.ca.

Can I access N.S. Museum school kits through the Museum of Industry?
Effective September 2009, all provincial distribution centres for the Museum Kits program will be closed. Kits will now be made available province-wide through an online booking system from a central distribution centre in Halifax.

I would like to display something at the Museum of Industry. Who would I contact?
For information on the display of an exhibit or object at the Museum, please contact (Andrew.K.Phillips@novascotia.ca) Andrew Phillips, Curator of Education and Public Programming, at (902) 755-5425.


Does the Museum have a gift shop? What are the gift shop’s hours?
The Museum Shop is located at front of the Museum, beside the Reception Desk. The Shop is open the same hours as the Museum.

Can I shop without paying admission to the Museum?
There is no fee to shop in the Museum Shop.

How can I purchase gift shop merchandise without visiting the store in person?
The Museum does not have an online store. Interested customers can call and purchase merchandise by credit card and have it shipped. For more information please contact Michael Mills, Gift Shop Manager, at (902) 755-5425 or Andrew.K.Phillips@novascotia.ca.


I have a product I would like to sell in the Museum Shop. Who would I speak to in this regard?
To inquire about selling a product in the Museum Shop, please contact Michael Mills, Gift Shop Manager, at (902) 755-5425 or Andrew.K.Phillips@novascotia.ca.


How can I volunteer at the Museum of Industry?
The Museum of Industry offers many different volunteer opportunities, from guiding tours to participating in school programs. For more information about volunteering, please contact Andrew Phillips, Curator of Education and Public Programming, by phone at (902)755-5425.

I have a particular interest in trains. Will I be able to focus my volunteering in that direction?
The Museum welcomes any volunteer who has a passion for content featured in our exhibits. There is no shortage of opportunities to provide interpretation for trains or other collections, through both research and interaction with visitors.