Electricity (Gr. 6)

Program Highlights

A great supplement for units on Electricity. The program, led by Museum interpreters, is designed to support Grade 6 Science curriculum outcomes. The program uses hands-on activities build skills like investigation, construction and testing, and to answer questions about what electricity is, where it comes from, and how we use it.

Curriculum Outcome Links

Outcome 1: Students will explore series and parallel circuits.

  • Investigate static electricity, drawing conclusions based on evidence.
  • Safely construct series and parallel circuits
  • Investigate how series and parallel circuits are used.


90 minutes

Program Capacity

2 classes (60 students maximum)

1 chaperone for every 10 students


September – October and May – June

Program Outline

Arrival: Bathroom, hang up coats

10 Minutes: Welcome and Introduction

Students are divided into two or three small groups to take part in the activities. Each group participates in all components of the program.

25 Minutes: Electricity Gallery

Demonstrations led by a Museum interpreter guide students in discovering where electricity comes from, and how static electricity and electric currents are generated and put to work

25 Minutes: Investigation 1: Series and Parallel Circuits

Students use batteries, wires, switches and light bulbs to construct and test series and parallel circuits, and investigate how they work.

25 Minutes: Investigation 2: Switches and Telegraph

Students use a telegraph key to investigate how a switch and series circuit can be used as a means of communication.

5 Minutes: Conclusion and dismiss

Information and Reservations

To reserve your program, please call: (902) 755-5425 or email andrew.k.phillips@novascotia.ca

Registration will begin in September. We encourage you to book early!