Electricity (Gr. 6)


A great supplement for units on Electricity.  The program includes a tour of the Museum’s exhibits focusing on the development of power sources over time. Students then participate in demonstrations and discovery activities that illustrate the connection between electricity and magnetism, and the generation and application of electrical power.

Links to Nova Scotia Dept. of Education Curriculum:

Grade 6 Specific Learning Outcomes (Science):

  • Explain various methods by which electricity is generated including renewable and non-renewable (105-3, 303-28, 303-29)
  • Investigate and describe the relationship between electricity and magnetism using electromagnets and electric generators (204-1, 303-27, 303-22)
  • Demonstrate how electricity in circuits and can produce light, heat, sound, motion and magnetic forces (303-26)
  • Describe the role of switches in electrical circuits, and identify materials that can be used to make a switch (303-24, 204-8)


90 minutes

Program Capacity

  • 2 classes (60 students maximum)
  • 1 chaperones for every 10 students



Program Outline

Arrival: Bathrooms, hang up coats

5 minutes: Welcome and introduction
Students are divided into small groups to take part in the tour and activities, and each group participates in all components of the program. 

40minutes: Tour of Museum Exhibits
Led by a Museum interpreter, the exhibit tour highlights the evolution of power sources: from waterpower, to steam, to electricity. The tour culminates in a discussion of how electricity is generated using renewable and non-renewable resources, and the impact that electricity and its generation has on our lives.

40 minutes: Electricity Discovery Activities
Students investigate electricity and circuits by making an electromagnet, a potato battery, a simple motor, and other activities.

5 minutes:    Conclusion and dismiss

Information and Reservations

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Registration will begin in September. We encourage you to book early!