Structures (Grade 3)

Structures Program


Students engage in activities that explore how shapes and the forces of compression, tension and gravity act on structures. The program allows children to put theory to the test by building their own structures in small groups, using “Zome” construction components.

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Grade 3 Specific Learning Outcomes (Science):

  • Identify shapes that are natural and human-built structures, and describe ways in which these shapes help provide strength, stability and balance (102-16)
  • Identify problems to be solved while creating structures (200-2)
  • Identify problems to be solved and while creating structures (200-2).
  • Manipulate materials and respond to the ideas of others to identify ways to make changes in creating structures as deemed necessary (201-2, 203-5)
  • Test the strength and stability of a personally built structure, identify ways to increase its strength, stability, form and structure, and identify parts of the structure that failed (202-8, 101-9)


90 minutes

Program Capacity

  • 2 classes (50 students maximum)
  • 1 chaperones for every 10 students



Program Outline

Arrival: Bathrooms, hang up coats
5 minutes: Welcome and introduction

15 minutes: Gravity, tension, and compression in structures

Students are introduced to how shapes, and the forces of tension and compression, are used to strengthen structures and overcome the force of gravity.

45 minutes: Building structures in small groups

Students are divided into small groups, and begin building 2- and 3-dimensional shapes using Zomes® components. Small groups are then challenged to build the tallest Zomes® structure possible that will stand up on its own. Students must work together to solve problems they encounter

10 minutes: Evaluation of structures

Student-built structures are measured for height. Students discuss some of the problems they encountered, and what they did to solve them

5 minutes: Clean-up

5 minutes: Conclusion and dismiss


Information and Reservations

To reserve your program, please call: (902) 755-5425 or email

Registration will begin in September. We encourage you to book early!