Planning Your School Visit

Booking Programs:

All programs are booked on a first come, first served basis. Bookings can be made for the time and date that best meets your needs.   To reserve your program, please call: (902) 755-5425 or email

Group Size:

Tours and programs can accommodate two classes, or a total of 60 students. Contact the Museum to arrange for larger groups.

Admission Payment:

The cost for each program is $3.90 per student (tax included). Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or credit card. Cheques are the preferred method of payment and should be made payable to the “Nova Scotia Museum of Industry”. Please enter the Museum and pay for the program before students disembark from the bus.


Schools are requested to provide chaperones in the following ratios:

  • Grade 3 and older: 1 chaperone for every 10 students
  • Grade 2 and younger: 1 chaperones for every 5 students

Extra chaperones are charged $3.90 each (tax included).  Additional chaperones and Teaching Assistants for special needs students as well as bus drivers will be free of charge and not included in the total of chaperones.

The role of teachers and chaperones is explained on school program page.  Teachers and chaperones must stay with the group of students assigned to them at all times.  Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the safety and behaviour of students during their visit.


An area can be provided for your students’ lunch, by prior arrangement. Teachers are requred to ask for availablity at the time of their original booking.  When the weather is fine, there are picnic tables on the grounds.  Children should not bring meals that require refrigeration or heating.


Male and female bathrooms are located near the reception area, to the left as you enter the museum.

Gift Shop:

The Museum Gift Shop is located near the reception area, to the right as you enter the museum. To avoid disappointment, additional time should be allocated following the end of a program or tour for students to visit the gift shop.  The gift shop may restrict access to 5 students with their chaperone at a time.


What to Expect:

Prior to your visit

  • Confirmation of school program booking, date and time will be forwarded by e-mail, along with a Teacher’s Guide to Tours and Programs and post-visit activities.
  • Teachers should divide students into small groups, as indicated by the pre-visit information, prior to arrival.
  • If possible, students should eat recess snacks on the bus, prior to arrival.

On Arrival

  • You will be met on arrival by Museum staff and volunteers, who will conduct your program or tour.
  • Admission can be paid at the Reception desk by cash, credit card, or cheque, payable to the “Nova Scotia Museum of Industry” 
  • Bathrooms are located in the hallway to the left, as you enter the Museum. 
  • Coats, backpacks and lunches should be left in the cloakroom, located along the left wall of the reception area. 
  • Students should not enter the Museum gift shop prior to the start of the program.


  • Programs are generally 90 minutes – 2 hours long. A sample schedule for a 90 minute program is as follows:
    • Arrival, bathrooms, hang up coats 
    • 10 minutes: Welcome and program introduction
    • 25 minutes: Program activity 1
    • 25 minutes: Program activity 2 
    • 25 minutes: Program activity 3 
    • 5 minutes: Conclusion and dismissal