Products of NS Industry


Nova Scotia has made a wide range of goods over the years; from hockey skates to chocolate, from underwear to outerwear.

Some Highlights of the Collection:

  • Skates from Starr Manufacturing of Dartmouth. The groundbreaking design created by John Forbes that was sold worldwide. We have examples of the skates and skate blades.
  • Gas Engines: We have significant examples of the gas engines, many for marine use, that were made in NS by manufacturers like Acadia Gas Engines.
  • Clothing: Nova Scotia had a significant textile and clothing sector at one time making underwear and work wear. We have collected made in Nova Scotia clothing as well as clothing for work. 
  • Edge Tools: we have a collection of 40 edge tools made in Nova Scotia including axes, adzes and slicks for the forestry industry, shipbuilding and general use. 
  • NS Glass: Trenton was home to a short-lived pressed glass industry that flourished from the early 1880s to the early 1900s. Our exhibits feature an impressive display of examples of this work.

Acadia Gas Engine