Age of the Mastodon

Age of the Mastodon

Over 80,000 years ago, the landscape of Nova Scotia shook from the heavy footsteps of giants. Mastodons were one of the largest of ice age mammals and for many years, Nova Scotia was ideal mastodon habitat.

A changing climate and coastline brought challenges mastodons could not overcome. These giants may no long roam the land, but their remains have been found in Nova Scotia and off the coast. As we fish the oceans and develop the land, their bones are uncovered. Geological formations called sinkholes have protected some skeletons from glaciers that scoured the earth’s surface. Unearthing these hidden treasures gives scientists the chance to learn more about these ancient creatures and what led to their extinction.

As we face climate change today, what lessons can we learn from the age of the mastodons? Visit the Age of the Mastodon.

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